Ndzuti day 4

It is almost 7 am when we are woken up by Justin, soft breakfast and after half an hour we leave for the safari. It is very cold, but there is a clear sky that allows us to see the mountains to the east.
This morning the animals do not want to show! Justin tries to follow the tracks left by the lions, but we wander for an hour to no avail! We stop next to the pond where three hippos are dozing in the water and many impalas are drinking. Warthogs also arrive.
After a coffee and a piece of cake, we return to the camp to have breakfast. This morning the chef is preparing char-grilled chops and mushrooms, to be added to eggs, beans, fruit, etc. etc..
We early stop with a taste, but the family of Cape Town that is with us eats abundantly of everything. If I think that in three hours we have lunch …
Unforgettable afternoon with the routine safari led by Bruce in search of animals that do not want to show.
We manage to saw a distant rhino. We return to the camp accompanied by Bruce and Judy, Mama Seena the handyman chef has prepared the dinner we consume around the crackling fire chatting with the couple of Cape Town. The bitter cold wins over the desire to stay out and talk, so we come back for a last coffee before going to bed. Tomorrow we leave for the south towards Nelspruit where we will reach our next destination, the Bongani mountain lodge.