Ndzuti Day 2

Wake up at 6:45, soft breakfast and off for the first safari of the day with Bruce. The sky is gray and it is quite cold. Along the narrow streets of the bush we look to the right and left to catch a glimpse of some early morning animals. Along the river a herd of big buffaloes are drinking and we approach it to take them up close. We continue the path and immediately afterwards we realize the presence of a magnificent and solitary rhino that moves away with incredible agility.
Among the dry grass we notice a couple of lion cubs, but soon after a buffalo carcass is surrounded by other small and adult lions. An imposing lioness observes us at a short distance, while the others continue to eat. We watch them for a while, then we continue to return to the field where we expect the real breakfast !!!
At 11:30 Jude, offers us a new bush excursion and we obviously are happy, also because the field is so small that you really do not know what to do to pass the time.
It starts again and this time with her driving the Range Rover. Along the way we meet the buffaloes returning from the river: they are really so many !!! We also note some small, well protected by adults. After passing a small tented camp, we return to observe the lions and we find them all there around to make banquet with the poor buffalo. This time we notice the presence of two huge male lions that have been added to the others: they are truly the kings of the savannah! A few vultures a short distance await their turn next to a puddle of mud. We do other laps following the fresh traces of other animals, but without success. On the way back we come across a small family of warthogs who move away after watching us for a few moments. We are back at the camp, it is almost 13:00 and at 3:00 pm we have lunch.
We have time to take a nap!

in the late afternoon we return to have the lions met in the morning, a further big male has been added to the group and the little ones are scattered around, legs in the air, with an improbably full belly. We also feel the need to fill our stomachs and return to the camp for dinner.