Another early morning safari with the boys (daughter and boyfriend of the camp managers)
They decided to change route to try to meet the elephants.
We almost immediately encounter a beautiful owl, motionless on a branch, we photograph it and slowly leave again. An impala group crosses the road quickly and stops on the other side to observe us. We glimpse a couple of giraffes intent on eating, then we reach a small lake where three hippos are immersed. A few hundred meters later here is a lone gnu that stops, turns and stays there a few moments, the time to be photographed. Stop to have a coffee and eat a little cake prepared by a very good black chef. We continue the journey, but not even the shadow of elephants, only some of their excrement. A myriad of buffaloes go up a hill and we stop for a while to let them pass. It is almost 10:00, it is late and we must return for breakfast, but also because the Dutch family that shares the same structure with us, must leave. Breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, corn and chicken balls, fried and fried fish triangles, fruit salad … in short, for us a lunch !!! In reality the real lunch will be served around 15:00. We salute the gentlemen who leave and we go to rest. In the meantime, other guests arrived in the camp.
A couple of young South Africans with two children aged 7 and 4.
We go out again for the evening safari, accompanied by the guys Justine and Saber, looking for other animals to photograph. We return to darkness without having seen much
We have dinner in front of the fire.