New Zealand 2012

She had remained in our hearts so we are gone to visit her again.
“The long white cloud” Aotearoa (in native Maori language) as the wife of Kupe , one of the most famous Polynesian navigators , called her and baptized her.

According to one of the Maori Legends , Maui from the edge of his canoe ( the south Island) stops in the middle of the ocean with the anchor ( Stewart Island) with a fishing hook caught a big fish ( the North Island) and so was born the New Zealand !

This time we took things slowly and so she definitely has rooted in our hearts .

A long trip wandering the two islands, touching the most important cities, cruising on the fiordland’s  long inlets, Whale watching outside the Rotorua coasts, slipping on the sand dunes, Walking around the Cape Reinga rocks, driving on the 90 miles beach…