The largest and most populous city in the state of Washington, a stop before returning home, a must visit to the Space Needle with a 360 ° view over the city, a visit to the museum which presented an exhibition on the special effects of … ContinuaSeattle


Left Fairbanks we headed to the city of Valdez, notorious for the environmental disaster caused by the 1989 Exxon Valdez shipwreck that spilled 48,000 cubic meters of crude oil into the sea into Prince William Sound. From the port of Valdez we went out for … ContinuaValdez

The Denali Nat. Park

Denali is one of the major nature parks in Alaska, it is highly recommended to visit it by bus (owned by the park or of related companies) because access by cars is regulated with strict surveillance measures and limited by unpaved roads. The other method … ContinuaThe Denali Nat. Park

mount rushmore

A mandatory stop at the famous national monument dedicated to the four American presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Roosvelt and Lincoln. Gigantic-sized sculpture work made thanks also to a stonemason of Italian origins. A lot of photos with the presidents behind and then off to Buffalo and … Continuamount rushmore


British airways flight from Rome to Denver, rented a car and then drive up to Cheyenne in Wyoming.

Yellowstone e Alaska 2015

Photos Rome-Cheyenne – Mount Rushmore – Buffalo – Yellowstone Park – Denali Park  – Valdez – Seattle A trip done for review some magical places such as Yellowstone Park, the city of Seattle and the state of Alaska. BA flight to Denver, rented car and … ContinuaYellowstone e Alaska 2015

buffalo city

A tipical american city inspired by the epic of the Far West, with references to horses, cow boys and gunslingers that you can find at every corner. Needless to say, the main protagonist is William Cody aka Buffalo Bill, His spirit spreads everywhere.

The Yellowstone Park

We have dedicated three days (absolutely few) to Yellowstone park, one of the places where nature is within everyone’s reach, Hikers, Bikers, Disabled, Experts, Beginners, Adventurists and simple travelers. The flora and fauna are a living spectacle, the supervolcano gives news of its presence at … ContinuaThe Yellowstone Park

From artic to carribean

Pictures Cheyenne wy — Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse monument — to Yellowstone — Yellowstone Park — Montpelier — Vancouver CAN — to the Denali — the Denali Park — Fairbanks — Chicken — to Dawson city and the Top of the World — Dawson City — Whitehorse — to Valdez — Valdez — Anchorage — Key West — Everglades — Miami — Atlanta Trip organized in the summer of 2008 very articulate and not for everyone, thanks to our personal travel agent … ContinuaFrom artic to carribean