Canada West Coast 2017

Canada is a huge country where you can find truly incredible places, flora and fauna. We planned this trip well in advance, a British Airways return flight Rome – Vancouver, a rental car and then an itinerary that included the following stops: Vancouver for a … ContinuaCanada West Coast 2017

R66 third step

We change our path and go and visit Las Vegas for a couple of days (also to spend an evening with our cousin Ivano and his lovely family). We stay in the Trump Tower a few steps from the strip because it has a kitchenette, … ContinuaR66 third step

R66 second step

From Adrian (TX) we move obviously west and arrive in Albuquerque (NM) a large town in the state of New Mexico, a few kilometers from another beautiful and famous city, Santa Fè. We stopped there for three nights to be able to walk around it … ContinuaR66 second step

R66 first step

We leave Chicago passing through the intersection of Adams St and Michigan Ave from where the Route officially starts and we head towards Springfield (IL), the city where Abraham Lincoln began his political adventure that led him to the office of President of the United … ContinuaR66 first step

Route 66

The choice to make this US crossing trip stems from an old dream, from the reading of Kerouac’s “On the Road” or by Steinbeck’s book from which the movie “The Grapes of Wrath” and last but not least from the amusing adventures of Sir tow … ContinuaRoute 66

R66 California’s Park

We leave Las Vegas and head towards Bakersfield where we rest before entering Yosemite Park where we stop for three nights in a cottage in El Portal at the beginning of the valley that leads to the major attractions of the park itself. We visit … ContinuaR66 California’s Park

R66-last step

We leave Fresno and head towards Los Angeles, instead of taking the last miles of the 66, that passes through the streets of the city and decide to go towards the Pacific, reaching the beautiful town of Ventura where we stop to sleep. The next … ContinuaR66-last step

Costa Rica 2016-2017

Pictures The Capitol San Josè — Manuel Antonio Park — foggy forest — Playa Brasilito — Playa Samara — Volcano Arenal — Rio Celeste A journey made in the “peaceful” country by choice, in fact it has no army or armed forces. Famous for being … ContinuaCosta Rica 2016-2017

Cancun MX

One day, about the end of August 2017, browsing the British Airways travel site, we looked for offers to spend the New Year eve in Cancun (Mexico) and we found a vacation package that included: return flight and ten days in an all-inclusive hotel in … ContinuaCancun MX

Vancouver Island

Right in front of the city of Vancouver there is a large island that bears the name of the city itself, the main city is Victoria which is also the capital of the province of British Columbia. Taken the Ferry from Vancouver to the city … ContinuaVancouver Island


Beautiful cosmopolitan city truly oriented towards personal well-being, with good public transport, equipped green areas, cycle paths and a city center that is divided between business and everyday life. The walk around Stanley park is very nice there you can find some Totem Poles of … ContinuaVancouver

Inside passage Cruise

Wake up at 05:00 and off to the boarding dock of the BC Ferries ferry that must take us to Bella Bella and then take the smaller one to Bella Coola. We get in line and wait for the staff to hand us the boarding … ContinuaInside passage Cruise


The largest and most populous city in the state of Washington, a stop before returning home, a must visit to the Space Needle with a 360 ° view over the city, a visit to the museum which presented an exhibition on the special effects of … ContinuaSeattle


Left Fairbanks we headed to the city of Valdez, notorious for the environmental disaster caused by the 1989 Exxon Valdez shipwreck that spilled 48,000 cubic meters of crude oil into the sea into Prince William Sound. From the port of Valdez we went out for … ContinuaValdez

The Denali Nat. Park

Denali is one of the major nature parks in Alaska, it is highly recommended to visit it by bus (owned by the park or of related companies) because access by cars is regulated with strict surveillance measures and limited by unpaved roads. The other method … ContinuaThe Denali Nat. Park

mount rushmore

A mandatory stop at the famous national monument dedicated to the four American presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Roosvelt and Lincoln. Gigantic-sized sculpture work made thanks also to a stonemason of Italian origins. A lot of photos with the presidents behind and then off to Buffalo and … Continuamount rushmore


British airways flight from Rome to Denver, rented a car and then drive up to Cheyenne in Wyoming.

Yellowstone e Alaska 2015

Photos Rome-Cheyenne – Mount Rushmore – Buffalo – Yellowstone Park – Denali Park  – Valdez – Seattle A trip done for review some magical places such as Yellowstone Park, the city of Seattle and the state of Alaska. BA flight to Denver, rented car and … ContinuaYellowstone e Alaska 2015

buffalo city

A tipical american city inspired by the epic of the Far West, with references to horses, cow boys and gunslingers that you can find at every corner. Needless to say, the main protagonist is William Cody aka Buffalo Bill, His spirit spreads everywhere.