Pictures Hawaii 2004 — Hawaii 2005 — Hawaii 2006 — Hawaii 2007 — Hawaii 2009 — Hawaii 2010 Polynesian mythical destination, coveted by all Americans, the archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands, the state of birth of President Barack Obama, one day a friend of us … ContinuaHawaii

Hawaii 2009

A beautiful stay on the Big Island for a fortnight full of sun, beach, turtles, fruit and relax. Wandering along beaches, woods, valleys and volcanoes. an Helocopter flight on the Caldera of Kilauea with the lava that plunge into the sea waters with big clouds … ContinuaHawaii 2009

Hawaii 2010

few days on Ohau and others onto the surfer’s paradise Maui Landscapes Sunsets Volcanoes

Hawaii 2005

Second visit to the Hawaiian Islands with more days available, in fact we shot a little more and went farther. an Island tour done riding the public transportation Exciting and intense time of the visit to the Arizona Memorial built in the port of Honolulu … ContinuaHawaii 2005

Hawaii 2004

One day an our friend called us and asks: do you want to come with me to the Hawaii? only the time to look one to each other and we were on the flight to Newark. The arrival at Honolulu was unforgettable, especially to the … ContinuaHawaii 2004

Hawaii 2007

First experience wandering between the Hawaian archipelago with few days spent respectively on Ohau, Kawai and Big Island. Relax and sunny beaches, waves and surfers. Amazing Waikiki Oahu Kauai and the amazing Canyon Hawaii (Big Island) and his active Volcano

Hawaii 2006

Third visit to the Island of Oahu with a firm will to reach the maximum relax. We walked along the streets of Waikiki, we went on foot to the summit of Diamond Head crater (12 kilometers) a day laying on the gold sand of Kailua … ContinuaHawaii 2006