Zion Park and Bryce Canyon

going through the white and red spiers of Bryce Canyon and between the steep walls of Zion is an absolute must.


Visiting the Rock (Alcatraz Island) is something to be planned much earlier as visits are limited in number of people per day and obviously the number of places end a few months in advance.
Walking through the corridors that have seen world-famous gangsters, has a certain effect, reading the stories of the most important guests is equally impressive, not least find hanging on the wall the last menu of the table before it closed as a penitentiary is interesting.

walk in the courtyards while in the bay go back and forth the boats of the America’s Cup is actually an unexpected surplus

Los Angeles

Fixed stop of our trips to Hawaii , was initially exciting and fascinating for its history and charm that emanates from his famous streets and places seen and known through the beautiful Hollywood movies . He gradually lost its charm, until, in our eyes, has remained a chaotic American city that offers to the visitor its theme parks ( Universal Studios , MGM , Disney , etc. ) its long beaches full of baywatchers , its very wide highways and fabulous villas in Beverly Hills. Beautiful and interesting was visit along its beautiful streets : Rodeo Drive , Hollywood Bl , Sunset Bl ; visit the Kodak theater or Chinese Theatre; take pictures of the Walk of Fame , or of the footprints of the actors ; stroll on the sand of Venice Beach or Malibu. For us , however, has nothing to do with San Francisco , for example, or New York.
Be there a few days before the Oscar ceremony has allowed us to see and touch preparations of dell’Accademy party.