city that is almost an european town with the Architectural tipical of a French capital.

Niagara falls

The famous Niagara Falls, with Hotels everywhere and the “Maid of the Mist” that brings you just under the turbulent falling waters.

Louisbourg fortress

Fortress where French and Brit have fighted for a very long period exchanging continously their domination on that Canadian land. You may do a visit that bring you back at Seventhieth century


Pictures Toronto — Niagara Falls — Ottawa — Montreal — Quebec City — bay of fundy and kejimkujik park — Wolfville — Louisbourg fortress — Cap Breton — Charlos Cove — Halifax — Back into 1800 Travel package configured and purchased at our travel agency “Pyrgi viaggi” in Cerenova uniting two packets that included the … ContinuaCanada

bay of fundy and kejimkujik park

The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, famous for the impressive Tides. We have also visited the Natural Park of Kejimkujik and we have done a beautiful tour with a kayak