Blyde River Canyon

Day dedicated to the observation of Blyde Canyon from various points. There is a beautiful sun and it’s hot.

The resort where we stay is charming and the chalets, built with local stones, surronded by the forest. Some labels indicate not to feed the animals, especially the baboons, in fact it seems that the latter have the habit of entering housing and stealing everything they find. We try to be careful not to leave doors or windows open and walk out to reach the first observation point at about three kilometers, the Lower Viewpoint. The descent is steep but easy. We arrive along the banks of the river where there are also small waterfalls. On return we decide to continue, always by foot, to go see the Upper Viewpoint, the same seen last night, but now we have time to stop and observe more carefully. We immediately notice the lake and the river that goes into the canyon: really beautiful !!!

In front of us rises the Three Rondavels, huge circles of stone from the grassy top, beautiful !!!

Numerous hawks circling in the clear sky. We note that on the opposite side of the canyon some people are walking. We think it’s nice to see that place too. We reach it by car, because it is quite far, but once we arrive … how wonderful !!!! Besides the lake and the river, we notice a dam and the Three Rondavels are illuminated by the sun, now at sunset, which makes them even more fascinating with their pink-red rocks. Here we await the sunset surrounded by a peace and a regenerating silence, while a baboon bows us from afar, sitting comfortably on a rock.

Return to the Blyde Canyon Forever Resort for dinner time, the day draws to a close and the 15 km walk will make you feel, it will be the age

Tomorrow we go to the Kruger National Park where we hope to meet the Big Five …