East Alligator River

Interesting boat ride to watch the salt Crocodiles in their natural habitat, you can watch them closely and is really interesting and impressive confront ourselves with their coldness. If they are hunting… they become real war machines (poor Wallabies, their preferred prey …)

Arnhem Land

The Aboriginal Land called “Arnhem Land”, wich surface is about the same as the italian Piemonte region, is located in the north of the Northern Territory and is enclosed in the Kakadu National Park, the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria. The landscape is … ContinuaArnhem Land

Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu National Park is a national park located in the Northern Territory, east of the city of Darwin. The name Kakadu comes from the language of the Australian Aborigines call Gaagudju or Kakadu, which was one of the languages ​​spoken in the north of … ContinuaKakadu National Park

Howard Springs

freshwater springs around which was built a park naturalist. There are several pools of spring water where you can snorkel with turtles and huge Barramundi


Darwin, the capital and the largest port city and tourist center of the Northern Territory , located on the coast, the city was founded in 1869 by Captain Goyder , with the name of Palmerston , then changed in 1911 , in the name and … ContinuaDarwin

Green Island

A big sand island off the coast of Cairns which is reached by a fast catamaran, rich in vegetation and hotel resort is the ideal place to explore the Great Barrier reef in Australia without be weary too … We made ​​the acquaintance of an … ContinuaGreen Island


Cairns is located in an area once inhabited by the Irukandji Aboriginal tribe. The area currently occupied by the city of Cairns was discovered in 1770 by Captain James Cook, and was the target of numerous explorations for the subsequent 100 years. This area was … ContinuaCairns

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is just offshore from the city of Townsville. The island, whose aboriginal name is Yunbunam, is accessible from Townsville to Nelly Bay by ferry. There is a large national park and bird sanctuary with excellent trails between the bays and a number of … ContinuaMagnetic Island


friendly town on the east coast from where we started to explore Magnetic Island. A very friendly and efficient managers of the ferry service has helped us to find tickets and a beautiful hotel on the island that we have booked


Rockhampton was the traditional seat of the Aboriginal people Darumbal. First used for having land suitable for grazing, later with the discovery of gold for mining, Rockhampton became, after, a service town for the local area. In this town also passes the meridian of the … ContinuaRockhampton


Town resort on the sunshine coast where we had a stopover and a side trip into the interior, including the attempt to reach Fraser Island (but we don’t had a 4WD)

Byron Bay

For thousands of years Aboriginal people came to the Bay to swap stories, find marriage partners and trade goods. They called him Cavvanbah. The lighthouse was built in 1901 in the most easterly point of the Australian continent [nggallery id = 55]

Port Macquaire

After taking the car we leave, heading north along the coasts of New South Wales to those of Queensland, the first stop in Port Macquarie where we had the opportunity to take a nice cruise in search of whales. We also visited a center for … ContinuaPort Macquaire

Rome – Hong Kong

Outbound flight with Cathay Pacific (a Boeing 747) and a stop to rest and relax in the Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong for a day. Then off … one more Cathay flight towards Sydney. Upon our arrival in Hong Kong almost dawn we searched … ContinuaRome – Hong Kong

Australia 2006

The legendary Australia visited in 2006 arranged for a lot on internet, a little ‘thanks to an Aussie friend who has a travel agency in Sydney and a big thanks to our mythical personal travel agent “Costantino”. The experience had taught us to be a … ContinuaAustralia 2006


Sydney is Australia’s oldest city (founded in 1788). Along with the eternal rival Melbourne for the title of most important city in Australia, is the heart of the financial, commercial and cultural center of the nation. Its bustling harbour is also at the heart of … ContinuaSydney

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

The famous monolith is 348 meters high and most of his rock mass is underground, like that of an iceberg . The most famous natural icon in Australia gives its best at sunrise and sunset ; is indeed incredible the alternance of colors that follow … ContinuaUluru (Ayers Rock)

Kata Tjuta (Mount Olgas)

The beautiful Mounts Olgas called by the aborigines Kata Tijuta (many-headed) is a complex of mountains that is sacred to the Anangu, the local population, who live on this land by 22,000 years. It is believed that the 36 domes of red sandstone, forming the … ContinuaKata Tjuta (Mount Olgas)


small town where are located all the hotels in the area and where it’s off to visit the national park that contains the monolith Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tijuta mountains (the Olgas)

Devils Marble

Devils Marbles are gigantic granite boulders rounded placed, often, seemingly in precarious balance on the surrounding plain, which offer shelter to a wide fauna and flora; they light red fire in the sunset light. According to Aboriginal mythology, these boulders are the eggs of the … ContinuaDevils Marble