California 2013

Pictures Los Angeles — Grand Canyon — Antelope Canyon — Monument Valley — Las Vegas — Zion e Bryce Park — San Francisco — Alcatraz — me and my wife around A trip that we gladly have repeated to accompany our sons to see and … ContinuaCalifornia 2013

Grand Canyon

The visit of the Grand Canyon is unforgettable and breathtaking. We take the shuttle service to go to the end of the south rim and we returned by foot up to the visitor’s center having spectacular views and pictures

The West Coast

Pictures San Diego — Ensenada — Flagstaff — Montezuma Castle — Sedona — Grand Canyon — Pietrified forest — Kayenta — Monument Valley — Zion & Bryce Park — Death Valley  — Mammoth Lake — Yosemite Park The Mythical West Coast USA, landing in Los Angeles, a visit to Santa Monica, Hollywood, Venice Beach and Rodeo Drive, then off to San Diego, with a nice van through the … ContinuaThe West Coast

Las Vegas

Faboulous Vegas … the city of sin and fun, what about … a plastic world, where everything is built and designed to bring people where the Casino’s owners want you have to go: play, have fun, play, drink, play, relax, play. We decided to look … ContinuaLas Vegas