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According to a legend, the city was founded by the Hindu god Shiva, several thousand years ago, so making it one of the goals of the most important pilgrimage in the country. It is in fact one of the seven sacred cities of the Hindus. … ContinuaBenares


The city is famous for its enormous palace fortress on an island in the river Betwa. The island is surrounded by a wall with battlements, the palace-fortress is made ​​up of several buildings built at different times, the main buildings are the Rajmandir and Jahangir … ContinuaOrcha


Intermediate stop between New Delhi and Agra with a beautiful Moghul Castle renewed into a luxury hotel


Khajuraho was sorrounded by a wall with eight gates at both sides of which were set two golden palm trees. Originally within the city walls were over 80 temples, but only 22 of them have been preserved up to us without breaking down and go … ContinuaKhajurao


City — Pashupatinath — Swayambhunath — Bodnath is the largest city of Nepal, is situated in the valley of central Nepal, and is surrounded by the rivers Bagmati ( river sacred to Hindus ) and Vishnumati . These two rivers delineate substantially the urban area itself . The urban center of … ContinuaKathmandu


The points of interest that we visited: the  Delhi Red Fort , Great Mosque , the minaret of Qutb Minar and Mausoleum of Humayun . Delhi is located on the banks of river Yamuna in northern India, is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in … ContinuaDelhi


Bharatpur ‘eastern gateway of the Rajasthan’, was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 AD, and was once an impregnable well-fortified city, was called so, to dedicate it to Bharatpur Bharat, the brother of Lord Rama. Bharatpur is also known as ‘Lohagarh’. Also famous for … ContinuaBharatpur


Agra. — Taj Mahal,  —  Fatehpur Sikri. —  Red Fort  —  Sikandra Agra AKA ​​Akbarabad is a city on the banks of the river Yamuna in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. The city finds mention in the Mahabharata where it was called Agrevaṇa, or ‘the … ContinuaAgra


Delhi — Jaipur — Neemrana — Agra — Orcha — Khajurao — Varanasi — Kathmandu — over the Himalayas The magic India that has attracted and conquered us, a travel package proposed by ” i viaggi dell’elefante” of Rome that is specialized in mid and far east destinations. There we had a local guide with excellent and fluent Italian (Hello Prem … ContinuaIndia


luogo sacro buddhista  quello di Swayambhunath (noto anche come il Tempio delle Scimmie), posto su una collina ad ovest della città


Tempio  noto  di Pashupatinath, sulle rive del sacro fiume Bagmati nella cui vasta area si trovano, per lo più allineate sulla riva destra del corso d’acqua, anche numerosi altari atti alle pire per la cremazione dei cadaveri


È la più grande città del Nepal, si trova nell’omonima valle del Nepal centrale, ed è lambita dai fiumi Bagmati (fiume sacro agli indù) e Vishnumati. Questi due fiumi ne delimitano sostanzialmente l’area urbana propriamente detta. Il centro urbano della città presenta un nucleo storico … Continuacitta


Bodnath un tempio nella periferia orientale a cui fa capo una consistente comunità tibetana sfuggita alle persecuzioni cinesi