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Las Vegas

Que viva Las Vegas! two days spent walking along the strip hopping on and off between Casinos and luxury hotels, breathing the air of a city where never sleep, enjoying and spending a lot of money Hard Rock Hotel for sleep between guitars, drums and memorabilia

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The West Coast

Pictures San Diego — Ensenada — Flagstaff — Montezuma Castle — Sedona — Grand Canyon — Pietrified forest — Kayenta — Monument Valley — Zion & Bryce Park — Death Valley  — Mammoth Lake — Yosemite Park The Mythical West Coast USA, landing in Los Angeles, a visit to Santa Monica, Hollywood, Venice Beach and Rodeo Drive, then off to San Diego, with a nice van through the streets of California with a stop at Scorpion Beach, famous…

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Las Vegas

Faboulous Vegas … the city of sin and fun, what about … a plastic world, where everything is built and designed to bring people where the Casino’s owners want you have to go: play, have fun, play, drink, play, relax, play. We decided to look at this city with a skeptical eye, we start with…

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