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Another early morning safari with the boys (daughter and boyfriend of the camp managers) They decided to change route to try to meet the elephants. We almost immediately encounter a beautiful owl, motionless on a branch, we photograph it and slowly leave again. An impala group crosses the road quickly and stops on the other…

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First night in Johannesburg in a very good hotel “ the Genesis Suites & Conferencing .” After breakfast, prepared by us in the delicious cuisine of our apartment, we book a tour for tomorrow morning in Soweto. Four hours drived by a personal guide for a total of 1200 rand (about 81 €). With the…

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Blyde River Canyon

Day dedicated to the observation of Blyde Canyon from various points. There is a beautiful sun and it’s hot. The resort where we stay is charming and the chalets, built with local stones, surronded by the forest. Some labels indicate not to feed the animals, especially the baboons, in fact it seems that the latter…

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At 9:00 we leave for Soweto with a driver of the Boyang Gape Tours, who also serves as a guide, First stop at the last Mandela’s house, where he lived until his death. Photos of the rite in front of the gate. What is striking is not so much the house, but the flowerbeds that…

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South Africa

We Go — 1 Johannesburg  — 2 Soweto — 3 Blyde River Canyon — 4 dal Canyon a Ndzuti Safari Camp — 5 Ndzuti Safari Camp 2 — 6 Ndzuti Safari Camp 3 — 7 Ndzuti Safari Camp 4 — 8 Bongani Mountain Resort — 9 Bongani Mountain Resort 2 — 10 fm Bongani to St.…

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The continent that is famous for its vastness and differences both cultural and natural. Beaches, undescribable deserts, snow-capped mountains and scorching savannas! we started by visiting twice the South Africa watch the pictures: South Africa 2014 South Africa 2016 Seychelles 2014

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