Gran Bazaar — Bosphurus Cruise — Around the city —  Blu Mosquee — Santa Sofia — Topkapi — our pictures The old and the new city, hinge between the East and the West. A short trip of a few days to visit the heart of … ContinuaIstanbul


The large, chaotic, colorful, magnetic, mystic and cheapest, market of Bazaar


The city, bridge between east and west, embraces the Bosphorus from which it draws its strength, Sultanahmet the oldest district of the city with its mosques, the racecourse, the cistern, Santa Sofia and the Tobkapi. The city center with its shops the Galata tower and … ContinuaIstanbul


The Topkapi Palace with its treasures its decorated rooms its mosaics, the harem and its terraces with views of the Bosphorus and the city

the Bosphorus

a cruise along the shores of the Bosphorus with a visit of the fort of kiz kulesi

Santa Sofia

Its gigantic proportions make it one of the key architectural monuments of all time. The basilica has a plant that combines the rectangle within the square ( 71×77 m), with three naves, arches dividing into two rows, and a single apse opposite the entrance, and … ContinuaSanta Sofia

Blue Mosque

The largest mosque in Istanbul was built by Amehed I° and was the first imperial mosque built in Istanbul after the Suleymaniye Mosque, built forty years before. It was built on the site of the Great Palace of Constantinople, in front of Hagia Sophia (at … ContinuaBlue Mosque