De Hoop days 2 & 3

Two days dedicated to immerse ourselves in the most absolute nature, short drive to the parking lot of Koppie Allen (Whale trail station). Backpack on the shoulder, we headed towards the dunes that line the bay and we walked for almost the whole day, stopping in places with a good view of the stretch of sea and protected by the strong breeze that blew from the north west, to take pictures of the Southern Right Whales that were nursing their calves (so to speak because they weigh several tons) a few tens meters from the beach.



We also photographed the whales, which a little more offshore, are practicing in their main forms of communication such as “Breaching”, “Sailing” or “LogTailing”. We ate a picnic lunch and we started walking and photographing, seagulls, cormorants, whales, birds and the rock hyrax
Before sunset we returned to Koppie Allen to enjoy the sun go down behind the dunes, we took the car and returned to the Cottage surrounded by the usual Bontebok and Eland.
The next day we spent some time walking along one of the paths that line the large lake that once flowed into the sea and which is now isolated by a strip of sand. Also in this case we have seen so much fauna and been able to admire a particular flora that in these places is called Fynbos and is similar to our Mediterranean maquis. We returned to Koppie Allen to greet the Southern Right Whales and before sunset we returned to the lake to photograph the Herons returning to the nest. An abundant dinner accompanied by an excellent South African shiraz, to say goodbye to a unique and unforgettable place like the nature reserve of De Hoop.