New York 2010

City tour in the company of our oldest daughter and her husband, long walks along the avenues and streets of Manhattan, the Fifth Avenue with its stratospheric shops (very cool the glass cube of the Apple store). A day dedicated to visiting the enormous American … ContinuaNew York 2010

New York 2009

In 2009 we gave another big bite at the City and we enjoyed visiting the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, the walls of fhe household names that have passed through Ellis Island, the Liberty Statue, Manhattan and the Financial District, Top of the Rock and a … ContinuaNew York 2009

New York 2007

Business trip done by Stephen for a brief technical intervention at the UN. Short walks in the financial district and the fifth Avenue to visit the shops all decked out for the next Christmas.

New York 2006

In 2006, instead we took a good slice of the Big Apple, we have used shoes, metro rails, rails of the PATH so that we have enjoyed her aspects and her resources. Very interesting The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the beautiful view enjoyed from the … ContinuaNew York 2006

New York 2005

In 2005 we had the pleasure to learn more about Her, wandering through a busy city, snow-covered, but delicious … the strange orange gates that you see in our photos, were some of the 7,500 “gates” that Christo and Jeanne-Claude were installed along the boulevards … ContinuaNew York 2005

New York 2004

In 2004 we meet the Big Apple for the very first time, we crossed the town quickly on board of a bus and we made the formal knowledge of Ground Zero and Times Square. Impressive the silence that surrounded the big hole where the twin … ContinuaNew York 2004

New York City

 2004 —  2005 —  2006 —  2007 —  2009 — Christmas 2009 —  2010 — 2015 The big Apple, fascinating city that never sleep, we have visited more times in different years and here you can find our experiences and pictures In 2004 a brief visit on board of a bus, we have touched the most important areas, … ContinuaNew York City