New York 2010

City tour in the company of our oldest daughter and her husband, long walks along the avenues and streets of Manhattan, the Fifth Avenue with its stratospheric shops (very cool the glass cube of the Apple store). A day dedicated to visiting the enormous American Museum of Natural History and ended up with a whole day dedicated to a bike tour of Manhattan crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and wandering in Central Park (tough day but fantastic !!!)

New York 2009

In 2009 we gave another big bite at the City and we enjoyed visiting the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, the walls of fhe household names that have passed through Ellis Island, the Liberty Statue, Manhattan and the Financial District, Top of the Rock and a nice long day in Central Park.

New York 2006

In 2006, instead we took a good slice of the Big Apple, we have used shoes, metro rails, rails of the PATH so that we have enjoyed her aspects and her resources. Very interesting The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the beautiful view enjoyed from the Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Central Station, Tribeca, Chinatown, Little Italy (Italy ???), Madison Square Garden, the tails in front of Broadway theaters, Fifth Avenue that we did it all … walking, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Stanley theater in Jersey City, rebuilt and renovated by Jehovah’s Witnesses to turn it into a beautiful Kingdom Hall. Not the least being caught by a parade in honor of St. Patrick’s, the day that we were leaving.

New York 2005

In 2005 we had the pleasure to learn more about Her, wandering through a busy city, snow-covered, but delicious … the strange orange gates that you see in our photos, were some of the 7,500 “gates” that Christo and Jeanne-Claude were installed along the boulevards of Central Park. What can we say, New York City is a great city at any time or season. Walking around  to its streets and Avenue is always exciting

New York 2004

In 2004 we meet the Big Apple for the very first time, we crossed the town quickly on board of a bus and we made the formal knowledge of Ground Zero and Times Square. Impressive the silence that surrounded the big hole where the twin towers once stood. Silence spectral strongly willed also by the inhabitants that in silent are going around the fence  with a huge respect for the victims and their memory

New York City

 2004 —  2005 —  2006 —  2007 —  2009 — Christmas 2009 —  2010 — 2015

The big Apple, fascinating city that never sleep, we have visited more times in different years and here you can find our experiences and pictures

In 2004 a brief visit on board of a bus, we have touched the most important areas, first of all Time Square and Ground Zero (very impressive the big hole and the quiet and silence in that area).

In 2005 we have enjoyed walking around a snowed city and full of activity, the strange orange gates that you can see in our photos were an artistic realization made with 7.500 gates realized by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in the Central Park

In we ate a big slice of New York, used more than a pair of shoes, consumed a lot of metro and PATH railways for visiting better all the corner of the town. Very interesting The MET, the breathtaking view from Empire State Building, Time Square, the Rockfeller Centre, the Central Station, Tribeca, Chinatown, Little Italy (Italy???), the Madison Square Garden, the queues at Broadway’s theaters, the fifth Avenue (that we have done all by feet), Brooklin bridge, and the Stanley Theater at Jersey City

In 2007 a brief visit done by stefano for a job to the ONU with a speedy visit to the financial district and Battery Park, Macy’s and the fashinating Christmas athmosphere

In 2009 we have appreciated the cruise to the Liberty Statue and Ellis Island museum and the last day lying down on the grass of Central Park. We returned for Christmas for touch the christmas tree of the Rockfeller Centre and for eat “pandoro” and drink “spumante” at Central Park the Christmas Day

On august of 2010 we returned in NYC with our adult daughter and her husband and we took the opportunity to visit the huge AMNH, also made ​​famous by the movie “A Night at the Museum”, the last day we have done a long and hard but beautiful bicycle tour with which we made the circumnavigation of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and around the Central Park.

New york city wait for us we’ll be back…

We don’t missed the plane … Xmas in New York

We decided to recover the lost trip of the previous year for the accident of Stefano.
We leave to spend Christmas in New York. Comfortable hotel in Jersey City just steps from the PATH station, comfortable shoes, jackets, hats and gloves, (the snow in New York at Christmas is ubiquitous) and away up and down the streets of Manhattan, the 25th a long, relaxing walk through Central Park with a small Pandoro and a nice bottle of Italian sparkling wine in your backpack, chosen the place for the ritual, sneaked champagne in the snow and we enjoy the geese that flutter back and forth trying to reach the frozen Pond . Uncorked sparkling wine, a bite of Pandoro and a nice drink to celebrate Christmas we had missed just a year before … then run to warm up inside the crowded Macys to look with a critical eye, the many curious Italians that fill the bags of useless things just because the dollar …