from deep South to Capitol Hill

Jack Daniels Distillery — Saint Louis — Nashville — Memphis — New Orleans — Orlando — Saint augustine — Atlanta — Gli Hamish — Philadelphia — Washington

On the road tour of the U.S. states that have became famous as the birthplace of country music and blues

A stop in the beautiful and historic Jack Daniel Distillery, before visting Nashville where it’s possible to touch the soul of music all night.

St Louis famous for being the port for the conquest of the Far West, Memphis, the heart of the cult of Elvis Presley, where everything revolves around at the Rock’s idol.

A stop along the narrow streets of the old French Quarter of New Orleans, where everyone sings and plays both inside and outside the premises, with a thought to the Katrina’s victims, during the trip on the famous paddlewheeler on the Mississippi river.

One day on the car along the Gulf street going to Orlando where vent our infantile nature in the various Disney theme parks.

After a brief stop in the town of S Augustine, a step in a couple of days in Atlanta where we visit the places of birth and growth of Martin Luther King.

The last part of the trip in the hearth of American democracy visiting Washington with its museums, its monuments, its famous places and Philadelphia for the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence.