Iguazu falls

The Iguazu Falls are waterfalls (in Guarani language “Chororo Yguasu”) generated by the Iguazu River located on the border between the Argentine province of Misiones (80%) and the Brazilian state of Paraná (20 %).
The waterfall system consists of 275 falls, with heights up to 70 meters , along 2.7 kilometers of the Iguazu River . The Garganta del Diablo ( ” Devil’s Throat “) ( Argentine side ) , a U-shaped gorge 150 meters deep and 700 meters long , is the most impressive , and marks the border between Argentina and Brazil. The majority of the falls are in Argentine territory , but from the Brazilian side (600 meters) you get a more panoramic view of the Garganta del Diablo .
The name Iguazu comes from the Guarani language words: y ( water ) and guasu (large ) . A Guarani legend says that a god pretended to marry a beautiful girl named Naipu , but fled with her mortal lover in a canoe Caroba . Angry, God changed the river creating the waterfalls, where Naipu fell and be transformed into a rock, while Caroba turned into a tree . It is said that from this position the two lovers continue to looking at each other.