The West Coast

San Diego — Ensenada — Flagstaff — Montezuma Castle — Sedona — Grand Canyon — Pietrified forest — Kayenta — Monument Valley — Zion & Bryce Park — Death Valley  — Mammoth Lake — Yosemite Park

The Mythical West Coast USA, landing in Los Angeles, a visit to Santa Monica, Hollywood, Venice Beach and Rodeo Drive, then off to San Diego, with a nice van through the streets of California with a stop at Scorpion Beach, famous for surfers. A short trip of one day in Mexico in the beautiful town of Ensenada in search of silver at a good price and see “the Bufadora” the cave that whistle and spray in the Gulf of town. Street then to Scottsdale, near Phoenix, a winter destination for wealthy mild temperatures. Then to Sedona, a town where they filmed hundreds of Western films as Stagecoach and others, to imitate the Cow Boys. The visit to the saguaros cactus of which reach heights of 12 meters. Continue to Montezuma Castle, home of the native Indians, situated on the rocks and steep cliffs, built to defend themselves effectively, the Natives could enter only with the ropes or ladders.

Then off to Flagstaff where we spent a day visiting the Grand Canyon, a truly natural spectacle that leaves you breathless with its beauty and majesty, the colors of the rocks and the drawings that the Colorado has developed over time eroding the ground are unforgettable. A beautiful evening in the old saloon, where professional waiters, sing while serving customers and also performing country music dances.

The next day we visited the Petrified Forest, passing through the Indian reservation in Fort Apache.

The magic of Monument Valley with its beautiful rock monuments immortalized in John Wayne’s movies, beautiful towers and peaks shaped by the wind. One day was devoted to visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, with its red and white pinnacles and Zion Park with the mountains with elephant skin.

A “stop” in Las Vegas for walking on the Strip admiring the various hotels and casinos.
A must was been visit the famous Death Valley’s Zabriskie Point and its 50 degrees Celsius, then a short stop on the cool mountains of Mammoth Lake to prepare to cross the Yosemite Park with its giant Sequoias.

A day to cross the California’s hills before arriving exhausted in San Francisco, the beatiful bay where we were welcomed as always, windy and full of charm. The Cable Car, the sea lions, the harbor, the Pier 39, the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz Island.

A challenging journey during which we have repeatedly crossed the famous and historic Route 66.