Delhi — Jaipur — Neemrana — Agra — Orcha — Khajurao — Varanasi — Kathmandu — over the Himalayas

The magic India that has attracted and conquered us, a travel package proposed by ” i viaggi dell’elefante” of Rome that is specialized in mid and far east destinations.

There we had a local guide with excellent and fluent Italian (Hello Prem Kumar a hug).

Pleasant journey through Rajasthan, the chaotic Delhi, Jaipur, Agra with the white Taj Mahal, Orcha, Khajurao and Varanasi then finally a trip to Nepal, with its capital Kathmandu and the possibility ( on the fly …) to be transported from the “Buddha Air” over the Himalayas: unforgettable and not to be missed if you go over there!

First-class hotels, with impeccable service, excellent Indian food (which the good Naan bread)