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Polynesian mythical destination, coveted by all Americans, the archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands, the state of birth of President Barack Obama, one day a friend of us offered to visit them and we don’t have left go.

Our dear friend, “Cos”, who works for Meridiano Travel in Rome, organizes this fabulous trip for his friends, always managing to surprise us (only he knows how can do that).
We enjoyed this paradise, the first time in 2004 then in 2005 and in 2006 on the island of Oahu, where is the beautiful and legendary Waikiki beach, then insisting a little bit the mythical “Cos” has done, during of 2007, a trip that he had made many years ago, that includes the visit of three islands of the archipelago.
Kauai is brutally fascinating, with its lively and wild nature and the incredible Canyon, while the Big Island (Hawaii) is so different and exciting (with its active volcano). Really fascinating to watch the whales in their reproduction period with their rituals of courtship and the unforgettable thrill felt by hearing their song, while we were swimming in the sea. We returned in 2009 and 2010 when we visited also the Maui Island surfer’s paradise. As so we were not satisfacted we have gone back in 2014.

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