New England


Whale Watching Cruise — Cape Cod — Newport — Augusta — from Plymouth to Cape Neddick — Bar Harbour — Acadia National Park — White Mountain — Lake Placid — Albany — Boston — Noi due in giro per il New England

Flight Rome-London-Boston with Virgin Atlantic. We have taken the car and we are headed south towards New Bedford. The next day we have gone to visit Cape Cod, a stop in Barnstable for a whale watching cruise, after about an hour and a half of sailing we have arrived at a place where we could see lots of whales with their calves. It seems that in this place the whales stops to wean. Back at the harbor we went to Provincetown (P Town), the extreme tip of the peninsula. Mandatory stop to see the Marconi site, the area where the Marconi company has installed the first telegraph station (1909). Arrival in Provincetown, that was all decorated with rainbow flags, symbol of the gay community. Feast day:  a drag queens parade to celebrate Caribbean Carnival . Very funny! Before returning to the hotel, stop to see the Point Nauset lighthouse, a symbol of Cape Cod

The day after we have done a tour of Rhode Island. Three-hour visit to the beautiful city of Newport, full of old houses, a quaint harbor, and old Victorian villas in the midst of breathtaking parks. Surely deserves a more detailed visit! Then we have gone to New London in Connecticut, taking scenic drives a1, along the ocean through countries where Americans spent their sea holydays. Stop to see the Point Judith lighthouse . Beautiful ocean views.
The day after leaving for Augusta, Maine. Stop in Plymouth, the place where landed the Mayflower in 1620. Continue at a time in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Stop at Cape Neddick, Maine, where was a beautiful lighthouse on a rocky islet, just off the coast, inhabited by many cormorants and gulls.

Visit at the Pemaquid Point lighthouse, fascinating place despite the mist. We crossed this part of Maine’s rich vegetation that is beginning to show a few patches of autumn colors: the maple leaves are turning yellow. We go trough Belfast, crossing a bridge very characteristic in Fort Knox. Stop along the way, at Ellsworth, to buy the blueberries. We pass to Bass Harbor for make a naturalistic cruise, but the foggy weather and few bookings, do not allow us to do.

Bar Harbor, we are gone directly to take the pass to enter at Acadia National Park. The weather is foggy, we can not see around the islands, but some parts are really beautiful. The coast is formed by layers of granite with hues ranging from red to black. Stop at the Cadillac Mountain, then to Sand Beach, where we saw a dead whale. The next day, it’s raining cats and dogs, but we do not despair! The weather forecast says sun around noon. We decided to visit the surrounding and in Ellsworth, we buy two live LOBSTER! tonight we cook and eat lobster! The sun finally shining and we go around in the park. Magnificent view of the park and the surrounding islands. From Cadillac Mountain we start to do a walking tour of granite rocks surrounded by pine trees and low vegetation with plants of blueberries. We continue around the park and then back up to the mountain to see a beautiful sunset. Wich cold!

The next day we start to get to Lake Placid, but before leaving the hotel a dip in the swimming pool, whirlpool and sauna, then a great breakfast. We proceeded for Charlotte in Vermount to catch the ferry that will take us in Essex (NY). Arrival at Lake Placid in the evening at the Crown Plaza, wonderful, central room with a balcony overlooking Lake Mirror and the Adirondacks mountain chain around ! MAGNIFICENT! The next morning a walk around the lake, then we decide to achieve the Olympic ski jump, on foot (8.5 km) beneath a rain that has refreshed us while going. Return to the hotel with free shuttle, swim in the pool and whirlpool. At evening we go out for a walk downtown and at the end we had make again the tour of the lake (4.5 miles) before to go to dinner. Ate gnocchi with ham and fried calamari, shrimp and cod with chips and salad of cabbage! Excellent. before to sleep, we begin to inform us on “Irene” hurricane that should arrive in Boston when we will be there. Let’s hope so!

We leave Lake Placid after a morning of television at high volume on weather channel for the latest on Hurricane Irene, then FB and cell phone to read Stefano’s best wishes. a big chill over the birthday to the news of the death of Mirko one of our dear friend and colleague of Stefano. phone call to the Italian consulate in Boston that has confirmed that Irene will pass from there on Sunday.   After the check out we leave the hotel and we move towards Albany intermediate stage of our return to Boston.   We leave reluctantly the Adirondacks and their beautiful landscape, imagining how it will be during the fall foliage. Elisa sets off and tackles the 87 S highway safely through forests, ponds, golf courses and beautiful mountains. Stop for some shopping, then head straight to Albany.

Arrive around 4 pm, check in with a nice girl, then around the city. We are amazed to see the capital of the state of New York empty, with few people strolling, but also very few cars that circulate: whether it was the fear of the hurricane? However we do not find it particularly pleasant: the center is dotted with buildings of different styles, churches of all kinds and monuments to anything. Well … maybe the university is the most beautiful building! The theater is inside a sort of gigantic egg cup. Perhaps it deserves another visit, maybe a few days, to appreciate it better! We could not see the part that runs along the Hudson River. We go to sleep, because tomorrow we decided to leave early   to reach Boston before Irene’s arrival.  

Tangle of intersecting streets, then finally the highway to New York that leads us to the 90 East highway. A   Boston we take our room and   in the early afternoon we decide to go and see the center of Boston. We find a fee parking lot and go for a couple of hours. we wder a tropical storm in full (the cyclone is coming and you see!) Soaked like chicks we decide to return to the hotel. Nice surprise when we go to pay for the two hours of parking: $ 29 !!! What thieves !!!! We do shopping at a supermarket near the hotel: people are crazy, they buy everything! The water shelves are empty! Finally we return to the hotel and we tune in to the Weather Channel to find out the latest news: tonight it should pass on New York and tomorrow it will be on Boston. We hope well, but above all to leave Tuesday!

Boston is a beautiful city , we dedicate to the city the remaining days, we walk visiting all the famous freedom trail stopping at important points to understand the birth of the Tea Party and the revolt of settlers against the British. Then we visit the north end neighborhood of the characteristic Little Italy and we happen during the procession dedicated to St. Lucia whose statue stops in front of each restaurant and bar to receive the “offers” (strips of necklace-shaped banknotes that are placed at the neck of the saint [legal form of hidden payements?]), during the procession a little believable Italian American band plays Neapolitan songs putting in the middle the inevitable “Faccetta Nera” …

We continue our wanderings going to visit the USS Constitution the world’s oldest warship (1797)   still floating. We dedicate the last hours to the visit of MIT famous university producing geniuses. The Campus is huge, we enter in the entrance hall while the registrations are taking place for admission tests and we ask jokingly if there is an age limit, in response one of the ladies who was sorting the boys turns and welcomes us, invites us to go around the campus and give us the map, the pens and notepads of MIT … like at La Sapienza

we print the boarding passes and we go to the airport delivering the car and saying Goodbye. A beautiful journey for us