Tokyo (Edo)

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Huge, chaotic metropolis where we went to celebrate the Easter Holidays.We have dedicated this city a long enough time to enjoy the little bit complex and fascinating world of the East with its uses and rules (which we Gaijin don’t strive to understand the culture from which these behaviors are born) the areas we mainly visited were the gardens, the Buddhist and Shinto temples, the sparkling neighborhoods, the Tsukiji fish market. We were lucky to witness to more than one Shinto weddings with its fantastic kimonos. The subway and the white gloves of the attendants, the protective masks of the Japanese, the human tide through Shibuya crossing (famous for diagonally crossing and the dog Hachiko). Even the museum with its reconstructions of Edo (old Tokyo city name) was very interesting, or the “Kokugikan”, the Sumo temple. Want we talk about the noisy pachinko halls full of players, smoke, balls, yen and noise?

Fortunately, the choice of the Hotel fell on one of the finest hotels of the Prince Chain (Prince Park Tower) with a high level of quality that has allowed us to rest and relax at the end of each long day. Japan is a goal in every respect, worthy of time and attention and we intend to come back to a deeper understanding of this beautiful land and its ancient culture, and of course to visit other beautiful cities.